Denture Services

State-of-the-Art full or partial denture services 100% Australian made in Melbourne!

Proslab Digital Denture Melbourne creates quality, reliable state of the art full or partial dentures. Prosthetic appliances are made in-house from Australian materials. We focus on listening to your concerns and crafting a solution that delivers a comfortable best fit, first time.

Our quality of work is proven serving the local community and patients across Australia for over 32 years. We invest in dental innovation to ensure patient comfort, experience and results are achieved. We strive to create dentures that look natural when you smile and comfortable when you eat.

With good care, some teeth can last a lifetime however some need replacing due to genes, injuries or age. Well fitted dentures give confidence and help you eat and socialise comfortably. They also help maintain your appearance and have you smiling confidently.

We understand that preparing to get dentures can be an emotional time. Booking a free consultation allows time to ask understand the process, ask questions and understand what solution will be best for your situation and budget. Our aim is to build your self confidence when eating, talking or smiling.

We have different types of dentures including full dentures, removable partial dentures, laser framed partial dentures, and implant-retained dentures. Together we will discuss which is best for you.

We listen. Innovation helps us deliver functional well fitted dentures

Your worries and concerns are real and will list to provide a solution that fits your need. Using precision dental technology we craft custom made dentures for a functional and comfortable fit. Maintaining a confident appearance when smiling and eating is important to you and us.

Digital dentures are replaceable anywhere in the world

Dentures designed using state-of-the-art digital dental technology provide a digital file meaning if you lose or misplace your denture a new pair can be made quickly. It’s simple we will post a new one to your destination. A very cost-effective insurance policy and peace of mind. 


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Not sure which denture is right for you? Book a consultation and together we will discuss your needs. We listen and take into account your lifestyle and needs. We will answer your questions and explain your options.

We use a non-invasive process to assess to take imprints of your mouth and guarantee the quality of our workmanship. Your satisfaction matters.