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Faster to fit, more comfortable, made just for you

We pride ourselves helping people find solutions after many years struggling to find well fitted comfortable dentures. We specialise in all type of dentures; full and partial dentures, implant retained dentures, immediate dentures and more. All our dentures are designed and made onsite as we are a specialist dental clinic and dental laboratory specialising in removable dentures.

For over 32 years the Proslab team have worked with dentists and patients across Melbourne to fit your dentures perfectly. To make a well fitted denture, the art is in taking and making the right impression first time. Working with the latest digital dental technology we have the skill to  make accurate custom designed dentures to fit your mouth. Our Dental Prosthetists are specialists in fitting and making dentures. Ask us about the many patients we have helped that now eat and smile with more confidence.


Dentures should be well fitted and comfortable

Whether you are looking for new dentures or to improve their fit we are here to help. Booking a complimentary consultation will allows us to listen to your concerns and explain how we can help solve them. In some cases it may be a simple fix, reshaping your denture and in others we will assess to explain what needs doing. We will provide options for your consideration and for you to discuss with loved ones before committing to next steps. We are there to provide information to help you decide what’s best for you.


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Seniors & Carer Card Discount

We make it as easy as possible. If you have a Victorian Seniors Card or a Carer Card holders we provide a 10% discount on any new full dentures, partial dentures, chromes and bridges.


Book a consultation and remove your worries. We promise to listen and understand your situation. We will explain your options and why.

We guarantee our workmanship using state of the art dental equipment that is non-invasive to assess your needs and take impressions – no more waxy goop. We guarantee dentures are made in our laboratory using Australian materials.



The process used to take an accurate impression (of your gum contour) and make the denture (uses precision dental technology) is what differentiates a digital and traditional denture. Traditional dentures use dental material to take an impression and hand crafted. Some dentist use a hybrid process; use precision technology to take the impression and craft the denture by hand. No matter which approach is used, the secret is to capture an accurate digital impression (of your gum contour) first time. This eliminates multiple visits to get the right fit. We pride ourselves of getting it right first time. Which method is right for you, we will discuss with you.

Digital dentures are more comfortable because much of the guess work is removed upfront. We use precision dental technology to take an accurate impression (map the contour of your gum), a skill and an art by a good Dental Prosthetists. Accuracy provides a custom fit which makes it more comfortable first time. Also the materials used to craft a digital denture has improved shrinkage giving you a better fit.

The accuracy of the CAD/ CAM precision dental technology results in fewer patient adjustments. Precision technology enables us to understand see your bite, tooth position, movement and so much more. Minor adjustments may need to be made as people have different comfort levels once fitted. We will work with you until your denture feels comfortable. With fewer appointments you get time back to do the things you want.

We will provide you with simple easy instructions on how to care for your type of denture. Caring for your dentures is easy, use water or a dental solution to clean them and prevent damage. Avoid abrasive toothpastes to clean your dentures. We encourage you to have an annual check-up of your mouth, gums and dentures to ensure your comfort is maintained. If you have a digital denture and it gets lost, don’t panic as we will send you a new one to your destination. It’s that simple.

Yes, you can claim your dentures from your private healthcare fund as Dental Prosthetists are registered healthcare providers. Your healthcare provider will determine your level of rebate. In addition we support Victorian Seniors Card and Carer Card holders offering them a 10% discount. We help where we can.

There are many different types of dentures, and your investment is dependent on your needs. Digital dentures use state of the art precision dental technology to take an impression of your mouth and gums and identify nuances (bite type, tooth position and movement etc.) to understand what will work best for you. Digital dentures act as an insurance policy in the event they are lost or need to be replaced. They attract fewer appointments and are fitted faster. Traditional dentures can be costly with more appointments and more adjustments, and if misplaced or broken can incur more costs.